The BRIT Awards has partnered with Julie’s Bicycle – a London based charity that supports the creative industries to act on climate change and sustainability. Here, Julie’s Bicycle Will Price outlines the measures taken to reduce the event’s environmental impact this year.

The climate and ecological crises ask of us that we transform the way we live to be within the boundaries of our unique planet’s ecosystems. Nothing should feel more ethically, creatively, or urgently inspiring.

Nothing has had such a dramatic impact on carbon emissions over the past century as Covid-19 has in the past year. However, this record drop seen in 2020 is not permanent – studies are already showing a rebound in emissions as countries seek to reboot their economies, rolling back safeguarding initiatives to spur economic growth. This makes it essential that we in the industry continue to work towards making the cultural and operational changes necessary to contribute towards a carbon neutral future.

As a focal point in the music industry’s calendar, we recognise our role in making that happen. That’s why we’ve partnered with environmental charity Julie’s Bicycle for many years, and are working hard behind the scenes to make The BRIT Awards 2021 with Mastercard greener.


  1. On your plates: Our caterers, Payne & Gunter with Levy UK at The O2 have used their pioneering knowledge of menu design to be as mindful of people and our planet as possible when delivering The BRITs dinner. British wherever possible and the elegant use of seasonal ingredients are the key features of our menus.
  2. Cut down on waste: Food waste has been cited as the third largest cause of global warming and we believe something must be done. Wherever possible we make use of every element of an ingredient, whether that’s carrot peelings to make our jus, or frying our cauliflower leaves to create a garnish. Responsible menu architecture can bring some incredibly tasty results.
  1. Clean water: Our ethical water partner is Life Water, who help fund clean water projects around the globe. For every bottle of Life Water enjoyed at The BRITs, clean drinking water is donated to developing communities in need across the globe.
  1. Cut the plastic: To cut down on plastic we encourage guests to use our re-usable cups, designed to easily stack to avoid the need for a plastic carrier. If guests don’t wish to take home, they can simply be left in 4. Cut the plastic: To cut down on plastic we encourage guests to use our re-usable cups, designed to easily stack to avoid the the concession units for donation to the BRITs charities5. On stage: Design shouldn’t cost the earth, so we look for timber from sustainably certified sources and recycled metal to build our spectacular sets and try to reclaim as much as possible after the show.
  1. A second life: Every year, we work with The BRIT Schoolwho send a lorry after the show to pick out set materials that can be repurposed by students. Some custom set pieces that we’ve invested in and are really proud of we keep in storage in case they can be reused in the future. We also make sure to collect all of our banners to be recycled or donate them to sports club or construction sites for a second life.
  1. We love trees: So our programmes are made of paper from sustainable sources. This year we are going digital, printing less of our programmes and other things to avoid unnecessary paper use.
  1. Step by step: We know we’re not perfect. We’re working with environmental NGO Julie’s Bicycle, which was founded by the music industry over a decade ago, to look at how we get better every show. They’re assessing our progress through their Creative Green Certification.
  1. Spreading the word: All eyes are on us. We use our moment in the spotlight and conversations behind the scenes to encourage others in the music industry to take action. That’s why The BPI and The BRIT Awards have signed up to Music Declares Emergency, a collective of music industry professionals and organisations who are turning up the volume on our industry’s response to climate change.

We know there’s always more we can do, and we won’t always get everything right the first time: this is a journey, and we invite you to join us.