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In the second in the series of monthly Green Leaders Q&As, in partnership with Vision: 2025, UK director and international artist/speaker outreach coordinator for Climate Live, Frances Fox (pictured left) takes questions.

As well as working on the Climate Live series of global performances organised to raise awareness of climate change, 20-year-old Fox is also festivals coordinator for the UK Student Climate Network and helps organise international campaigns with Fridays For Future. She recently won the Environment Agency’s Inspirational Person Award.

1. What is the proudest sustainability achievement or moment of your career?

Getting videos promoting the youth climate strikes on the big screens at Reading Festival 2019.

2. What was your worst ever sustainability-related decision, project or initiative and why?

Thinking it’s easier to do things myself than explain what needs doing to someone else who offered to help.

3. What are you (or were you) excited about implementing this year/in the future?

Climate Live youth-led concerts on 24 April and 16 October in more than 40 countries. We aim to engage a new audience in the climate movement and educate them about the challenges faced by those on the frontlines of the climate crisis and empower them to pressure world leaders to take action ahead of COP26.

4. Which environmental issue do you most care about?

Intersectional climate justice.

5. What sustainable change have you made in your personal life that you are most proud of?

Boycotting fast fashion.

6. What do you read to stay in touch with green issues?

The Guardian & VICE.

7. What is the most memorable live performance in your life?

Not exactly memorable, but my claim to fame is hearing Bowie from the womb at Glastonbury 2000 (shoutout to my mum).

8. Was there a moment you committed to taking action on climate change?

When I heard a speech by Greta Thunberg – I was shocked at how the climate crisis was not at the top of the political agenda given the urgency of the challenge.

9. What are the most important issues to tackle at your event?

The lack of awareness about the impacts of the climate crisis on people right now.

10. What do you think is the most significant challenge for the events industry becoming more sustainable?

Sustainable power systems that work at a large scale.

11. Can you share something sustainable about/from another artists or event or company that inspired you to make a change?

The resources from Vision: 2025, REVERB, Music Declares Emergency and Julie’s Bicycle are super helpful.

12. What is the secret to your sustainable success?

Strong motivation for the cause.

13. Tell us something you feel positive about right now that relates to the environment

So many amazing youth-led campaigns in the lead up to COP26.

14. Tell us a book, film or recent article you feel others should watch/read and why about positive change?

Everything by Bad Activist Collective! They share really insightful pieces from youth climate justice activists.

15. Can you give people new to sustainability in events a top tip?

Sustainability should be at the core of your values, not a side note.

16. What is the favourite festival moment of your career?

Legging it across site when heard Attenborough was speaking at Glastonbury 2019. Also, The 1975 playing Greta’s song at Reading 2019 was truly magical.

17. What habit or practice has helped you most in your personal journey in life?

Can I say coffee? I would not be able to do half of what I do without it. Taking breaks is good too.

18. Is there anything new or exciting you are planning or changing for the future that you can tell us about? Even a hint!

Climate Live. Youth-led concerts on 14 April 24th 16 October 16th this year all over the world.

19. Will we save the world?

Yes. It’s not a choice but a necessity.

20. What would your sustainable super-power be?

Making world leaders prioritise people and the planet over profit.

Follow Frances Fox on Twitter @FrancesTheFox Facebook , instagram @frxncesfox and Linkedin

This Q&A originally appeared in Vision: 2025’s April 2021 newsletter. Find out more at