Emily Eavis has said plans to host a two-day, 50,000-capacity, event on Glastonbury Festival site Worthy Farm have been scrapped.

On 28 May, Mendip District Council granted Glastonbury Festivals a new premises licence for a 50,000-capacity concert to take place in September, including all of their requests.

Eavis had previously said that the event would be called Equinox and would take place on the dates traditionally used for the Pilton Party – an annual event organised for locals to thank them for supporting Glastonbury.

Eavis said that the focus will instead be on running the festival site’s new Worthy Pastures family orientated campsite, which opens tomorrow, 23 July.

“We’ve decided not to go ahead with the September gig idea for a number of reasons, so we’re putting all of our energy into the campsite for now.” she said.

The 147,000-capacity festival, which received a £900,000 grant in the second round of the Cultural recovery Fund was cancelled in January for a second consecutive year.

Matthew Phipps, partner and head of licensing (England & Wales), at UK law firm TLT helped Glastonbury Festivals win the license for the cancelled September event. He provides background here.