Eden Festival has announced funding from EventScotland through the National Events Programme.

The festival has also been awarded £12,000 towards The Great Mountain Stage, a brand new stage that Eden is showcasing with a range of Scottish artists performing folk and Celtic music. It will be part of a new arena called The Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which will host The Mott n Fiddle Inn and a Japanese tea house.

“We are extremely pleased and grateful that EventScotland have supported the festival in its development and incorporation of its heritage. With the funding, we will be constructing The Great Mountain Stage,” said Adam Curtis, founder and head of production.

“The design will feature a mountain with a stage built into it, framed with huge fire breathing towers. It will host fantastic selection of traditional Scottish musicians from folk, classical, Celtic and acoustic.”

Stuart Turner, head of EventScotland, said: “We are delighted to be supporting The Great Mountain Stage at this year’s Eden Festival thanks to funding from our National Events Programme. Scotland is the perfect stage for cultural events and the 2017 line-up is testament to that fact, celebrating the best of Scottish traditional music talent in the year of history, heritage and archaeology.”