Speaking at COP28’s Supercool Future Mobility Hub last week (8 December) in Dubai, UEA, Formula E CEO Jeff Dodds called on other sports to take a firm stance on sustainability.

Dodds reaffirmed Formula E’s position as a driving force behind electrification and future mobility but suggested there is plenty of work still to be done.

Dodds said, “Sport hasn’t taken a stance on sustainability. And we were born sustainable. Most sports aren’t. So our quest and our challenge has been, use your platform, use the fact that you have so many, billions of passionate fans around the world to tell the story of sustainability and show what you’re doing.”

He added, “Everybody should be trying to do better. And there’s no point me standing up and just talking about electrification because the whole world is not made up of electric vehicles today.

“It’s growing, but the vast majority of vehicles are still internal combustion engine vehicles. So the fact that people are looking at synthetic fuels, and we’re looking at synthetic aviation fuel and we’re looking to do better with traditional fuel types, is a great thing. If everybody does better tomorrow, than they did today, then we’re creeping towards that goal of more sustainability across the globe.”

With an increase in fossil fuel lobbyists in attendance at this year’s summit Dodds said he had “no issue with them being here providing they’re talking about progress – and progress with sustainable goals in mind.”

Formula E looks set to build on its estimated fanbase of 350 million in 2023 ahead of its 10th season in 2024. The season, featuring 16 races over 11 weekends, will begin on 13 January in Mexico City and culminate in the traditional finale at ExCeL London on 20-21 July, with double headers in Diriyah, Italy, Berlin, Shanghai and London.