Steve Blake from Storm4 Events is curating panel discussions and talks at the Festival and Outdoor Show, which are tackling the tough security issues affecting organisers right now, from drone usage to preparing a counter-terrorism policy.

The event has revealed a speaker line up featuring some of the UK’s leading figures giving first-hand experience from the 2018 event season.

“In the modern festival landscape there are more factors and considerations for organisers to have a handle on than ever before. Many events in the UK grow from grass roots levels and are now attracting thousands of people.

“That’s why we’re putting together two days of speakers around the hot topics from this summer season, designed to give organisers a good understanding of the requirements and considerations for the safety of their audiences, helping them to ask the right questions and hire the right teams.”

This year saw many public events and festivals bringing in counter terrorism plans for the first time. A panel at 2pm on Wednesday 26 September will highlight how to create a step by step plan to enable good decision making in the face of a major incident.

Drones are another hot topic this summer, with increasing numbers of public bringing them to event sites without licences or permissions.

“Drones are a double-edged sword for event organisers as they can be both a huge hazard and a great aid. Andrew McQuillan is presenting on Wednesday about best practice for drone usage and some real-life case studies on how they can be applied in emergency situations, to enable dynamic risk assessments. “

“Overall we’re planning two days of talks to give organisers tools for next year’s festival season, and to increase their competencies around emerging topics which could effect every event organiser in the UK market. It’s a couple of days not to miss.”

Visitors can register for the show at The conference sessions don’t require pre-booking – visitors can just turn up on the day to as many or as few sessions as they desire.