Environmental activist group Extinction Rebellion is planning to boycott London Fashion Week, with protests taking place throughout the five days of the event.

London fashion week starts on 13 September, but Extinction Rebellion have demanded its cancellation, citing the enormous environmental cost of textile production.

Greenhouse gas emissions from making textiles were estimated at 1.2bn tonnes of CO2-equivalent in 2015, more than all international flights and shipping combined, according to the Ellen MacArthur foundation.

Extinction Rebellion is planning ‘non-violent civil disobedience’, according to Ramon Salgado-Touzon, of its fashion action group.

He added: “People taking part will be arrested. Let’s hope that they’re not going to be charged but if they are, everyone is prepared.

Bel Jacobs, also of the fashion action group, said: “We need to change our culture around consumption. People have no idea how environmentally destructive fashion is.”

The Metropolitan Police responded: “We will have an appropriate policing plan in place.”