The Network of Women in Events provided a panel discussion on day two of the Event Production Show, 27 February.

The panel included members Holly Moore, Claire Goodchild, Zac Fox, Hannah Broadwick and Ami Lord.

Issues which were discussed included the oversaturation of men in event tech jobs.

One panellist described how she had internalised the idea that men are better at these kinds of jobs than women, and even found herself acting more ‘manly’ as a way to try and fit in the role – before realising she didn’t need to do this.

The panellists also discussed prejudices women often face in events, such as the assumption that they don’t know what they’re doing.

One panellist said she was always loathe to ask a male colleague for assistance, at the risk of reinforcing the idea that women couldn’t do more traditionally ‘male’ jobs.

Other issues which were covered included how best to sell yourself and putting together a CV, as well as the importance of paid internships and valuable young staff members.