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Global creative communications agency DRPG hosted a new Gen-Z-led event, Sparks Live, crafted for young people aged between 18 and 25, “who are curious about the creative industry.”

The event, held on 16 November at the agency’s studio headquarters in Hartlebury, saw 110 young people from colleges and universities come together for networking, insights and advice.

Sparks Live was attended by students from across the UK, currently pursuing education. The morning opened with a keynote session by DRPG’s CEO Dale Parmenter, titled ‘Creative Industry: The State of Play’. The session explored the “founding inspiration” behind DRPG, highlighting the indispensable role played by young creative talent in the company’s growth.

The keynote also mentioned the Government’s perspective on the industry, with further exploration into what industry peers are observing and where opportunities lie in the coming five to 15 years. Board members were also called upon for their insight in a myth-busting panel discussion with insights into the industry and creative opportunities going forward.

Students participated in bespoke SPARKS Workshops during the afternoon, covering topics such as: the science and art of storytelling, the power of creative collaboration, how to ignite creativity through AI, why good design matters, and getting to know your own spark.

Sparks Live ended with a closing panel session on ‘Re-imagining your Spark.’ The informal discussion highlighted a wide range of DRPG team members who have pursued varied careers and roles. The agency said this aimed to “reassure delegates that their subject choices don’t define them.”

DRPG head of learning and engagement Elaine Voss said, “Nurturing this talent isn’t just a priority; it’s a fundamental investment in the future. Sparks Live has created a momentum that will propel these young individuals into the dynamic world of the creative industry, reminding us all of our creative potential.”