UK-based mobile ticketing and event discovery service DICE has been the subject of a full re-brand using a bespoke typeface and a new logo designed to represent a fan.

DICE said the new logo was created with the aim of celebrating “the real, personal and emotional reality of being a fan of live music and culture”.

The ticketing company’s app-based service was launched in 2014 and now services clients across the UK, US, France, Spain and Italy. It locks tickets to smartphones, making it all but impossible for ticket touts and helps to ensure transparent pricing.

The rebranding of DICE was led by its executive creative director Patrick Duffy. It features a diamond shape character with legs and eyes to represent a fan.

DICE has also created several animations of the “fan” and a new set of colourful assets, which the design team created to “visually represent the energy of fans at a live show”.

Duffy said, “Even though DICE is continuing to scale rapidly, we’re still intimately connected to fan culture, and we wanted a symbol and brand that brought that to life.

“Our new brand is all about what fans do day in, day out to celebrate their love of artists. Whether it’s making zines and hand-drawing signs to hold up at live shows, or tattooing their bodies with their favourite lyrics, we wanted to create a new identity that captured the pure and simple expression of fandom in a way that remains true to the energy and emotion of live events. What we’ve landed on recognises the vibrance of our fan community as well as the visceral emotion and feeling of togetherness that makes people return to live events again and again.”