With travel typically responsible for around 80% of the overall carbon footprint of an event, Coldplay has launched a free app that incentives fans to make sustainable travel choices to shows on the band’s Music Of The Spheres world tour.

The app, which will enable the band to gauge and offset the carbon emissions of fans travelling to the shows, is part of a wider initiative to ensure tour emissions are 50% less than the level produced by the band’s last outing in 2016-2017. Among the many sustainability measures taken to reduce the environmental impact of the tour are kinetic stadium flooring and pedal bikes that convert the physical efforts of fans into power for the shows.

The Music Of The Spheres World Tour app recommends low-impact travel options and provides fans with the opportunity to get discounts on the band’s merch if they choose to travel to a show via low carbon transportation.

Coldplay said the app will also provide fans with exclusive photos, performances and behind-the-scenes access. Available on iOS and Android, it was developed by SAP.

Tim Benson, chair of Powerful Thinking and an energy consultant on Coldplay’s current tour said, “The innovation of Coldplay themselves, and the willingness of their production and touring crews to push the boundaries like they have never been pushed before, is clearly paying off. Not only are they championing remarkable clean tech solutions, but they are also engaging fans in a hitherto untried way – more of this please touring industry!”