The opening of Co-op Live, the UK’s biggest arena and the first to be run entirely on electricity, has been delayed due to the completion of its full power supply provision being a “few days behind”.

Oak View Group (OVG), which operates the new 23,500-capacity Manchester arena, said the planned public opening of the venue with a show by Peter Kay tomorrow, 23 April, has been delayed until 29 April.

On Saturday 20 April, Co-op Live hosted an 11,000-capacity test event including a show by Rick Astley. The audience size was reduced shortly before the event, with OVG explaining it was “to enable us to test the spaces effectively”.

OVG issued a statement explaining the reasons for making the “difficult decision” to delaying the full opening of the venue. It said, “Following our first test event on Saturday, regretfully we have made the difficult decision to reschedule our two opening performances by Peter Kay. These dates will move from 23 April and 24 April to Monday 29 and Tuesday 30 April.

“It is critical to ensure we have a consistent total power supply to our fully electric sustainable venue, the completion of which is a few days behind. Rescheduling gives us the extra time we need to continue testing thoroughly. This is vital to satisfy the rigorous set of guidelines and protocols that are necessary for a venue of this size.”

Ahead of the first full capacity shows by Peter Kay, Co-op Live will host The Black Keys on 27 April in the lower bowl with 10,000 fans.