Event agency Chillisauce has launched a new series of tours around London in electric Renault Twizy cars.

The Twizy, which looks a bit like a large quadbike, is a two-seater vehicle designed for city environments.

Chillisauce’s Twizy Tours take users on one of three tours around the city: Royal Flash, Rule Britannia and Driving Miss Markle. They are painted in the Union Jack and guided by a GPS system around London, sharing facts on history, heritage and culture.

The first takes drivers into the fashionable streets of Mayfair, and the luxury hotels, mansions and palaces lining some of central London’s most famous streets.

Rule Britannia takes users through Oxford Street, Westminster Abbey and Downing Street, while Driving Miss Markle takes drivers through areas of London that are supposedly Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s favourites.

Edie Hedley, London lead product manager at chillisauce, said: “When you’re out on the town in these cars, you get a lot of attention. People take photos, stop for chats and wave at you as you go! It’s such a unique way to explore the city and see all of the famous sights.

“I was born in London and have lived here my whole life. I would never have expected to enjoy a tour of my own city so much. It’s a great way to see London.”