By Jonathan Emmins, founder, Amplify

With plastic pollution high on the agenda, we’ve reached a tipping point where everyone –including brand experience agencies and their clients – want to be sustainable. With budgets under pressure, there are cost-efficient ways to be green.

By understanding a client’s current and future needs, we can build modular sets for re-use further down the line – it’s how we approached YouTube’s ‘We are the Creators’ experience. Clever tech, lighting and screens transform the same build into different canvases.

For Red Bull’s Future Underground we created wildly different events for Charlie XCX, Skepta and Section Boyz using the same infrastructure. For Spotify’s Justin Timberlake gig we mostly hired, avoiding single-use.

If purchasing outright, items can be donated afterwards. After last year’s Soundcloud event, we gave the wooden furniture to a local community group.

And, when Converse’s Cons project ended, we donated everything we built to the local community, including all the timber to an urban re-generation project. I’m told the Copeland gallery is still using our infrastructure! So yes, it can seem expensive to be green. But, by putting a little more thought into creative solutions, everyone can win.