Britannia Row, an audio equipment and audio professional’s provider, supplied sound solutions to Creamfield’s Arc Stage, Horizon Stage and Stage 4 in Liverpool and London.

Creamfields took place from 22-25 August this year.

The Arc and Horizon stages saw L-Acoustics K1 chosen for the main hangs. The Arc stage had K2 on ground fill and delay duties and KS28 for ground subs. The Arc Stage also had an SSL L300 rider. The Horizon Stage had a PRO2Cs at front of house.

The Steel Yard system had flown subs, K1-SBs in the air, KS28 sub enclosure and K2 enclosures as main hangs. At front of house it had a DiGiCo SD5 and an SD11i on monitors which controlled the mixes.

The systems were all controlled by Lake LM 44s and Focusrite UFX Interfaces.

Alex Hore, crew chief said: “The design of the systems and the ethos behind them is to provide the best sounding and largest-area-covering audio we can, whilst limiting the potential for any off-site sound problems. Any stage, at any time, can be called on to adjust levels and frequencies to limit potential issues at particular locations off-site.

“This relies on the skills of the system technicians and front of house engineers to respond quickly to any changes.

“I was particularly happy with the sound at the Steel Yard stage. It benefited from having two sets of delay hangs which meant we were able to get fantastic coverage at the back of the very large structure – without having to drive the main system too hard.”

Ian Greenway, Creamfields’ production manager, said: “As a show, we’ve made a big effort this year to lessen our off-note noise impact on our neighbours. With more audio suppliers than most festivals, gluing together a single approach across all vendors was critical. Our very long-standing relationship with Brit Row allowed us to have open and honest conversations about what helps and indeed, what doesn’t. The technical expertise of Josh Lloyd, Dave Compton and Alex Hore delivered on site, as we delivered less level off site. Double win.”

Picture credits: Geoffrey Hubbel & Anthony Mooney