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Organisers of Boomtown Fair (cap. 66,000) said they aim to have a minimum of 30% of festival attendees travelling via public transport next year, aided by discounted tickets offered to those travelling this way.

General tickets are now on sale for next year’s edition, ‘Chapter Three: Revolution of Imagination’, following 25% of tickets being purchased during the pre-sale event in August.

To encourage attendees to use public transport, discounted Phase One ‘Green Transport Citizenship’ tickets have gone on sale starting at £280.

Boomtown organisers said sustainability and the environment will be embedded into the storyline of next year’s event. The festival will also provide several on-site programs that encourage festival-goers to make eco-friendly choices, both during the event and in their daily lives.

Following this year’s event, organisers hailed the introduction of ‘Eco Bonds’ which led to four times more people returning their waste at the end of the festival.

Boomtown director of brand Shula Rael said, “Last year, activist and writer Rob Hopkins delivered an inspirational talk at Boomtown HQ, highlighting the profound impact of envisioning a better future. At Boomtown, we possess a unique opportunity to bring that imagined future to life through the immersive Town we construct.

“We can envision a brighter future, and, more importantly, we can collectively build and share it with a community of 66,000 attendees in our temporary Town. Stay tuned for more details as the year unfolds, including insights into our captivating storyline, musical lineup, and awe-inspiring production.”