Boomtown Fair will be conducting a sound barrier experiment with the aim to achieve maximum sound pressure level on site.

The experiment, made with three of the festivals subcontractors, plans to bring audience enjoyment while reducing disturbance and sound leaking to those surrounding the festival site.

The subcontractors are F1 Acoustics, noise consultant, AF Live, sound system provider, and Live Trakway, the fencing and barrier supplier. With the aim to find an industry standard for all festivals and events to manage their sound levels more effectively.

“We’re so excited to be in a position to create this unique experiment alongside our contractors,” said Lak Mitchell, co-founder at Boomtown.

Over the three days a number of sound system design and sub arrays, including one currently used by Boomtown, will be tested against various materials and at various distances to help prepare for containment of music noise when on the ground at events face with adverse conditions.

“The hope is that, not only will it give us additional valuable tools and insights to manage our sound levels, as well as keep our audience and local residents happy, but in addition provide valuable data and insights for the entire events and festival industries in general,” added Mitchell.