Independent Spanish promoter Last Tour has successfully applied for its three events – Bilbao BBK Live (cap. 35,000), Cala Mijas (50,000) and BIME (2,000) – to receive B Corp certification, seeing them become the first European festivals to do so.

Certified B Corporations, or B Corps, are companies verified by B Lab to meet high standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability.

The events’ B Corp recognition follows a rigorous two-year evaluation process, with the certification granted to only 4% of the companies that apply. The promoter said Bilbao BBK Live, Cala Mijas and BIME have implemented actions to reduce their environmental impact, raise awareness for diversity and equality, as well as implement protocols to reduce sexual attacks on their events. In addition to this, their significant economic contribution to the city of Bilbao and the region of Mijas in Malaga has been key to joining the B Corp community.

One of the requirements for being a member of the B Corp community is the reduction of the environmental impact through a strict recycling and waste management system; energy efficiency measures, free drinking water on the premises or services connected to a chemical-free network. The promotion of sustainable transportation, prevention and awareness programs against sexist attacks and to promotion and celebration of gender equality, as well as the programming of free concerts for the local community.

Last Tour CEO Alfonso Santiago said, ‘The goal of Last Tour is to be a cultural and social activist, with creativity and innovation at the core, to contribute to the cultural development and co-creation of a society to which we feel committed.

“We stand committed to the B Corp standards while being recognised for the work we developed across the last 20 years. This recognition encourages us to maintain high standards where we constantly revisit our goal for social transformation while developing an economically viable business plan by acting proactively and responsibly in those territories where we are present.”