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Access All Areas Award-winning production company Method works with numerous clients including Tramlines (cap. 40,000) and Truck (30,000) festivals. Method co-founder and director Will Holdoway recounts the journey of self-discovery and improvement that led to it gaining B Corp status.

Embarking on the journey towards B Corp certification was more than just a milestone for us at Method. It represented a formalisation of our enduring commitment to sustainable and transparent business practices. Our motivation ran deep, fuelled not just by the desire for recognition, but by a genuine aspiration to shape a positive future. It wasn’t about comparisons or dwelling on the past; it was about walking the talk and holding ourselves accountable for our actions.

The road to B Corp certification was undeniably challenging. As a small startup consultancy, we navigated the process with limited resources and a determination to meet the rigorous certification criteria. Gathering and analysing data to assess our social and environmental performance was a monumental task. James [Dutton] and I delved into countless resources, from government legislation to UN guidelines, to set internal goals and align our practices with industry best practices. It was a comprehensive review of our processes and procedures, a journey of self-discovery and improvement that started the very first day we incorporated and had these goals in mind.

While the live events industry has made strides in embracing B Corp certification, there’s still room for growth. We’ve witnessed a growing interest within our sector, and we wholeheartedly encourage others to join us on this journey. Beyond showcasing a commitment to sustainability and social responsibility, becoming a B Corp offers invaluable insights and opportunities for improvement. The B Corp impact assessment tool becomes a powerful asset of its own, enabling organisations to monitor and enhance their ESG framework.

“The journey towards B Corp certification was more than a checklist, it was a transformative experience.”

For companies considering B Corp certification, our advice is simple: start by assessing your current practices and identifying areas for improvement. We’ve been doing this quarterly since our inception in August 2019, and the Covid-19 pandemic provided us with ample time to reflect on this. We began by focusing on environmental goals, as they often entail the highest implementation costs and require extensive coordination with your supply chain. A particularly supportive partner was our workspace provider FOR A, which was founded by Katrina Larkin of Big Chill fame.

Early solidification of these financial commitments in your P&L is crucial for driving your business towards meeting its ESG goals alongside commercial targets. Following this, governance policymaking became a priority as we resumed operations post-Covid-19. This keeps you on your toes about fulfilling your duties not just as an employee of the business but as a company director. In the past year, we’ve shifted our focus to the social aspect of the assessment. Although the costs may be less tangible, it requires significant forethought and planning to ensure that all policies and procedures align with legal frameworks and contracts. Much of this effort was driven by our decision to re-hire fulltime employees after the pandemic, as we wanted to ensure we could provide them with the most robust yet nurturing platform possible.

For us, the journey towards B Corp certification was more than a checklist; it was a transformative experience that reshaped the ethos and direction of the company. It requires dedication, collaboration, and a willingness to embrace change. But the rewards far outweigh the challenges, as it empowers businesses to create a positive impact on society and the environment. Engage stakeholders, seek guidance, and stay committed to the journey. The benefits of becoming a B Corp extend far beyond the certification itself, paving the way for a brighter and more sustainable future. We welcome anyone who wants to discuss their own journey with us.