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Mehram Sumray-Roots, founder, YADA Events, on air pollution at events.

Climate concerns dramatically increased in 2019, with Google searches for ‘Climate Change’ hitting their highest ever level in September. Many people predicted that the top trend for 2020 will be a significant move towards sustainable events. However, during the very first seconds of the year, when midnight struck on New Year’s Eve, any concern for the climate was quickly forgotten.

Millions of pounds were spent around the globe on firework displays designed to uplift the population, yet the impact of fireworks on air pollution is rarely discussed. London hosted it’s “greatest display yet” and Sydney spent the most on fireworks ($6.5m) despite over 275,000 people signing a petition for Sydney to cancel its NYE fireworks display in solidarity with the ongoing bushfires. 

Like many, I believe fireworks are magical and a symbol of global celebration. However, small changes could be made that could lower both the environmental and health risks associated with fireworks. Paris had an incredible display of light projectors and Berlin had no-firework zones across the city. It is no secret that the events industry has a wasteful past – could 2020 be the year we make a real change?