Physical SFX company Artem, whose credits include Bodyguard and Paddington 2, created a number of memorable scenic props for the 75thanniversary European Tour of Holiday On Ice.

The show began on 27 November and ends May 2019. BAFTA winning director Kim Gavin is director and Misty Buckley is production designer – a pair that previously worked together for the 2012 London Olympics closing ceremony.

For the show, Artem created a steam locomotive and a large three-person road roller tricycle, capable of travelling on ice. The locomotive had to be electrically powered, while still puffing smoke and steam.

The Road Roller Tricycle is also electrically powered, and carries three musicians, one three metres above the ground. The performers ravel round the ice in this ‘Mods & Rockers’ style machine, which has a cluster of headlights and belches smoky exhaust.

Richard North, Artem’s 3D engineer commented: “It’s possibly the weirdest thing we have made, but great fun. It has rear wheel steering that confused the performers when they first tested it in our West London workshops.”

More than 330 million people have seen the Holiday on Ice shows over 75 years, making it the most successful live entertainment format of all time. It is the only show that combines ice skating and ice dance with acrobatics, daring jumps and aerial acts. The show tours Germany and France before going further afield next year.