AMAAD Events is set to launch new one-day summer show Festival People at East London’s Barking Park.

The 12,500-capacity Festival People, which organisers said will celebrate youth culture and community, will take place on 17 June and host acts such as Kurupt FM, Bugzy Malone and Ms Banks.

AMAAD Events has partnered with Latin American promoters BRESH, as well as London-based COGO, student events brand Sneak and Brighton underground bass music promoter Supercharged.

Head of AMAAD Events Jeff Gray said gamification will be at the heart of the event: “A celebration of youth culture, we will transcend the usual limits of a typical London day festival, through an emphasis on community and audience interaction.

“This will be achieved through participation before, during and after the event, whether that’s as a performer, designer, producer or coordinator, we want as many people to get involved as possible.

“Our lineup will also reflect the varied tastes of today, with selections from a broad range of styles. Bold, fun and unpretentious, the event is set to make a huge mark on London’s event landscape this summer.”

The Festival People 2023 lineup also includes artists such as Jonas Blue, Hot Dub Time Machine, Born on Road, DJ Jodie Harsh, Jess Bays, Jay Forster and Mollie Collins.