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A new advisory firm has been launched, Spotlight Advisors, which will specialise in offering financial and commercial services to the UK’s music festival and live entertainment industry.

Launched by leisure investment group Edition Capital, the firm will provide services such as financing, mergers and acquisitions (M&A), financial management and project consultancy. The firm is currently working on projects with Pub In The Park, Live Nation and Assembled Gala.

Spotlight is led by principals Paul Bedford, Lisa Boden, Harry Heartfield and Adam Spence, who have previously worked with companies including Cream Holdings, Sziget and Alexandra Palace.

Spence said, “We are thrilled to introduce Spotlight Advisors, which is a natural extension of what we have spent decades doing: helping businesses in live entertainment to grow, strategise and crystallise value. We cater to any stage of a business’s lifecycle, helping operators achieve their goals and maximise success in a very dynamic UK market. Whether it’s acquisition, investment, restructuring, business planning, or outsourced financial management, Spotlight Advisors can help.”

Founded in 2015, Edition Capital has raised and deployed £75m of capital into sectors including live entertainment, hospitality, fitness, wellbeing, content and IP.