Arena Group said it has partnered with sustainability platform Everclime to reduce the environmental impact of its managed events, including its ice rink installations at locations such as Hampton Court Palace and Warwick Castle.

The events operator and supplier said the partnership with Everclimne will help its clients and events engage their audiences in positive environmental action through Everclime’s Impact Certificates and interactive technologies, as well as traditional social and digital channels.

Audiences will be rewarded for engaging with Impact via discounts, offers and prize draw opportunities – enabling consumers to take an active role in ensuring impact contribution is delivered by their favourite events. Arena Group  said it had begun working with Everclime on this year’s ice rink season, for which Everclime will provide an emissions assessment on the carbon impact of the respective rinks and publish the details.

Partners of Arena Group will contribute toward the resulting cost of the impact action – a blend of carbon and nature-based impact projects – to ensure a more sustainable event is delivered.

Arena Group CEO Paul Berger said, “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do at Arena. Through continual innovation and working closely with clients, we are minimising our environmental impact and making a positive contribution to the communities close to our operations.

“We are delighted enter into this exciting partnership with Everclime, as we look to deliver ever more sustainable projects moving forward.”