Some 80% of people are enthusiastic about attending live events within the next twelve months and around 30% would be willing to travel internationally to attend a live event in the next 12 months, according to a survey by events agency Identity.

Identity said the research was undertaken in the last week of July with the the aim of gauging the mood and expectations of consumers around live and virtual events.

It found that 80%  of respondents expect live events to have a reduced capacity, while 96% considered pre-event communication about health and safety measures were “very necessary”.

There was a male bias of 58%  in respondents and a quarter of respondents were in the 18 – 35 age bracket, a further 25 percent were aged 51 – 64, and almost 36% of respondents were in the 36 – 50 age group.

Charlie Hepburn, client strategy director of Identity Group said: “This points to the ultimate importance being placed on advance communication, keeping attendees well informed and ensuring they are aware of the expectations and restrictions in place before committing to attend the event. Interestingly, the idea of hosting events indoors, as opposed to outdoors, does not seem to provoke any reluctance to attend.”

Picture credit: Karin Albinsson