A Dutch survey has found that 37% of young festival-goers plan to skip one or more festivals because of increased prices.

The study, conducted by Dutch current affairs programme EenVandaag, found that 19% of young festival-goers say they will use more drugs than usual this season because of the increased prices.

It found that 43% of festival goers plan to drink less or buy cheaper drinks, with a quarter saying they plan to spend less.

The festival most mentioned in the survey was the 55,000-capacity Lowlands (pictured), which increased its ticket prices from €255 to €300 this year. Other Dutch festivals mentioned were Pinkpop, Defqon, Awakenings and Down The Rabbit Hole.

The study also found that young people do not think the government should step in to keep festivals affordable: 24% think it is a good idea, 63% do not.

A discount on tickets for people with a low income is also not the solution according to the study: 33% think it is a good idea, while 54% do not.