VAULT Festival, halfway through its five-and-a-half week run, is celebrating over 26,000 ticket sales and more than 22,000 visitors.

The festival, which takes place annually in the arches beneath London’s Waterloo station, shines a light on fringe and alternative theatre, providing a platform for new writings and talent. Only three weeks remain, with the average ticket for theatre, dance, comedy and music performance priced at under £10.

Performances taking place over the next three weeks include: The Vanishing Man (24 February-6 March), the tale of an Edwardian magician; The Devil Speaks (17-27 February), an immersive experience channeling Shakespeare’s Macbeth; comedy troupe JuNk (17-28 February); Florence Keith-Roach’s coming-of-age comedy Eggs (24 February-6 March); and drag troupe Denim (24 February-6 March).

Information on all performances, club nights, talks, workshops, family entertainment, food and drink can be found at