Leading security and counter terrorism experts are behind new event crisis management courses at University of Cumbria, developed for those working on high-profile events such as major sporting fixtures, concerts and festivals.

The University’s principal lecturer in tourism management, Dr Angela Athonsisz, said the courses were developed in response to considerable event industry demand for “critical” training.

She said that as the impact of the Covid-19 crisis subsides and venues begin to open, the need for the event crisis management training has never been greater: “From hotel operators to local councils, event organisers to attraction providers, everyone will have to be vigilant.

“Forthcoming Martyn’s Law, named after Martyn Hett, killed in the Manchester Arena terror attack, will require all event venues to better document their risk strategies.”

Course participants include Symphotech safety director Edward Grant, who has worked on NATO heads of state summits and numerous major sporting and cultural events, including the London 2012 Olympics.

Grant will be joined by Steve Blake, Garry Jones and Phil Boardman from Storm 4 Events. Jones and Boardman have extensive experience that includes handling security for the Royal Family and five Prime Ministers.