Independent London venue the Union Chapel (cap. 900) has begun another crowdfunding campaign to help see it through the impact of the Omicron variant.

The Islington venue raised more than £80,000 in 2020, with £40,000 generated from a fundraising concert by Frank Turner and his singer wife Jess Guise.

A statement on the venue’s website reads, “As an independent venue, Union Chapel receives very little funding, and the revenue from our venue sustains our charitable work and helps us maintain our beautiful building. The rise of the new Covid-19 variant and the introduction of new restrictions is having a catastrophic effect on our venue.”

Union Chapel Project CEO Michael Chandler said that since the start of December 2021, the Union Chapel has seen the cancellation and rescheduling of the vast majority of January events and 50% of February shows so far.

He said, “This year was going to be a vital year for our recovery, after the enormously challenging year we had in 2020. After a brief period of stability, the last few weeks have thrown us and the live music sector back into financial crisis, and there is now huge concern for the months to come. This has a major impact on us as a charity and our vital work for the community, now and into the future.”

Among the fundraising “rewards” on offer are An Afternoon At Tech Desk for Sound Check With Crew for £125.

With pews for seats and a huge stained glass rose window above the stage, the Grade 1 listed venue has proven popular with artistes. Forthcoming shows include Fairport Convention, Nouvelle Vague, Joan As Police Woman, PP Arnold and Kate Rusby.