The government has announced it will replace GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) with a new British data protection system.

Culture secretary Michelle Donelan (pictured) said the change is being made as the current EU GDPR is “limiting the potential of our businesses”.

Speaking at the Conservative party conference at ICC Birmingham, she said the new system will be more “business and consumer friendly”.

The current GDPR law was introduced by the EU in 2018 and changed the way companies collect, process and protect the personal information of EU citizens.

Donelan said, “Our plan will protect consumer privacy and keep their data safe while retaining our data adequacy so that businesses can of course trade freely. I can promise that it will be simpler, it will be clearer, for businesses to navigate. No longer will our businesses be shackled by lots of unnecessary red tape.

“It is time we seize this post-Brexit opportunity fully and unleash the full growth potential of British business.”