A collection of industry leaders in the concert touring industry have come together to form the Production Services Association Tour Production Group (PSA TPG).

The group, which is an arm of the Production Services Association (PSA), aims to provide a unified response to the Covid-19 pandemic and help live music events return in the coming months.

The group has created a set of Working Procedures Guidance for concerts, festivals, and live events of any size, which details how to implement social distancing, health declarations, monitoring, cleaning, and mitigation. The guidance uses a responsive threat scale, allowing it to be adapted for use depending on regional threat levels of Covid-19.

The PSA TPG is comprised of tour professionals who have worked behind the scenes on concerts for Madonna, Queen, Adele, Take That, BST Hyde Park, Lollapalooza and many more.

Take That’s Production Manager Chris Vaughan said: “We have brought together the leading experts in live music concert touring to agree on how tours should be run whilst the threat of Covid-19 remains with us. Production and Tour Managers are responsible for the operational, logistical, financial, creative and technical delivery of concerts around the world and, as such, we are proposing a series of guidelines that can be practically and realistically implemented.”

BST Hyde Park Production Director Mark Ward adds: “From an industry whose timeless motto is ‘the show must go on’, the pandemic has been a devastating blow – both economically and for the mental wellbeing of the huge number of people who work behind the scenes. These new documents offer many of the answers those people are searching for.”

Photo credit: ©2020 www.inthebag.pro