As the Rugby World Cup fast approaches, have revealed the top earners of Instagram from both the teams competing.

Whilst others have been preparing for the match on 2 November, the Rugby tickets company have instead been researching just how much the players are getting for their pics.

To do this, they utilised data from ‘Influencer Marketing Hub’ to reveal how much each player earns on average per sponsored post on their official Instagram profile.

This follows the site’s earlier findings on the earnings of the top 20 rugby players in the world cup.

The findings revealed that Owen Farrell is England’s highest earner, getting £921.00/€1,081.00/$1,199.00 per sponsored post, as Cheslin Kobe is the same for South Africa, gaining £583.00/€684.00/$759.00 for each sponsored post.

On the lower end is South Africa’s Thomas du Toit, accumulating only £64.00/€76.00/$84.00 per sponsored post opportunity, and Jack Singleton earns the least both for the UK and compared to both teams, collecting just £51.00/€60.00/$67.00 for each sponsored post.