Gallowglass Group MD Nick Grecian has exclusively told Access that a recent report from national newspaper The Telegraph “did not state our position accurately”.

The Telegraph report, posted on 4 October, alleged that Grecian and his company were threatening to sabotage the Olympic Stadium over money owed from work done on the venue’s retractable seats.

“At no stage did we threaten to sneak into the stadium and would certainly not behave unlawfully,” Grecian told Access.

Grecian still insists that Gallowglass is owed £712,000 for the work done to get the Olympic Stadium ready for the Rugby World Cup. The stadium will host its final game of the tournament on 30 October.

“The money is a big loss for us but, despite suggestions in the piece, we continue to trade as normal and provide the gold standard service to the events industry,” Grecian said. “We are determined to recover as much [of the money owed] as possible.”

Gallowglass was sub-contracted for the work by Alto Seating, who was hired by the London Legacy Development Corporation (LLDC) to complete works on the Olympic Stadium. Alto has subsequently gone into voluntary liquidation.

The LLDC, in a statement to The Telegraph, said: “We’re somewhat mystified as to why Alto has gone into voluntary liquidation. We have paid them in full and on time for the work they have completed. We’re not an organisation that doesn’t pay its contractors.”

Grecian said that Gallowglass will continue to plead its case with the LLDC, saying: “We are keen to engage with the LLDC to recover monies owed to us.”