Tommy Hilfiger will arrive in London with Gigi Hadid on 19 September to stage his TOMMYNOW runway event ‘see-no-buy-now’ at Camden’s Roundhouse for the closing show of London Fashion Week.

The event will follow the ‘Tommy Pier’ show in New York and ‘Tommyland’ in Los Angeles.

The London show reflects Hilfiger’s desire to bring these mega-fashion events to new cities and audiences globally. The event will showcase runway looks for men and women that are available across all shopping channels in more than 70 countries.

“My vision for TOMMYNOW was to create a global platform that could bring our shows to audiences around the globe like a rock-and-roll world tour,” said Tommy Hilfiger.

The shopping channels include Hilfiger’s stores and, select wholesale partners, social media, live stream, 3-D image recognition SNAP:SHOP app and the Al-powered TMY.GRL conversational commerce bot for Facebook Messenger.

“It’s about celebrating the connection between fashion and pop culture with experiences, performances and inspiring interactions that are designed around our consumers. We look forward to celebrating the rebellious spirit and star-studded glamour of rock-and-roll in London for Fall 2017. The Roundhouse was a perfect choice for us with it being the at the centre of London’s rock-and-roll history,” Hilfiger added.