Data pulled from TicketMaster showcases the percentage of live events that have been postponed against those that have been cancelled, as the COVID-19 crisis deepens.

As of 19 March there were 1,018 events listed on the cancelled/altered events page of TicketMaster.

According to analysis done by TheTicketingBusiness, that number consists of 21% cancelled events, 45% events postponed with no new date, and 28% events postponed with a new date. A further 5% of events only had time or venue changes (many of these having been before the COVID-19 crisis).

TicketMaster says it is working on refunding the 213 cancelled events.

For information regarding cancelled or rescheduled TicketMaster events, click here.

A statement on the TicketMaster website reads: “We want to thank you for being such a valued part of the live entertainment world. We are working around the clock on solutions and truly apologise for any inconvenience.”