Czech videomapping company The Macula has made the first fully immersive videomapping project ever in the Czech Republic.

The project, which involved a live orchestra of 118 musicians and projections on four sides of the Rudolfinum music auditorium, was held in front of 600 guests and performed by the Czech Philharmonic orchestra, led by conductor Jiří Bělohlávek.

The content was broken into seven themes – Matter, Technology, Message, Mission, New World, Rendezvous and Birth – that shaped cybernetic organisms while counting down its time code in acoustic waves of classical music.

The Macula used four different projection surfaces and 10 Barco digital projectors: four Barco HDX-W20 Flex 3-Chip DLP WUXGA projectors; two Barco FLM-R22 SXGA+; and four SLM-R12+ Performer. Resolume Arena 4 was coupled to two custom media servers for the native blending. The four Barco HDX projectors in quadrant layout projected content on the main facade while the FLM’s were dedicated to each side. To further enhance the immersion, four Barco SLM projectors mapped the ceiling of the Rudolfinum.

When blended together, the resolution of the projection reached 16,000 pixels at 80,000 frames.

The event was organised by the Czech Savings Bank. Josef Havelka, marketing director at the bank, said: “We wanted to treat our guests to an unforgettable experience, and invited them to witness a unique sound and light performance in one of the oldest concert halls in Europe. The Macula measured up to the grandiosity of the concert to deliver a gripping visual show.”