UK festivals including Creamfields, The Isle of Wight, 2000 Trees, El Dorado, The Big Feastival and Lakefest are among 20 events that saw a significant increase in social media reach and engagement this summer due to TagMix-enhanced content.

TagMix’s technology allows clips from live performances, captured on any phone or video device, to be seamlessly merged with professional audio directly from the sound desk. It means content can be instantly posted online, even while performances are ongoing, without the hindrance of traditional editing or poor audio quality.

The resultant boost in both views and likes averaged 300%* across the festivals covered in 2023 (*Instagram) when compared to content posted by the same events whose audio had not been enhanced by TagMix. This is consistent with data from Independent Venues Week earlier this year which also highlighted that 71% of artists tagged in a TagMix-enhanced post would share it to their own audiences.

Agreements with the major labels ensures automatic rights clearance for the majority of artists. The company also provides individual consultations with artists.

TagMix founder and CEO Andy Dean said, “Artists greatly appreciated our presence at the festivals, as it allowed their live festival moments to shine online, capturing the true essence of their sound rather than the usual poor reflections they’re used to from phone-captured audio, or an overdubbed studio recording.”

TagMix director of festivals Steve Jenner said, “The data from this summer shows conclusively that, if only 1% of the new, highly targeted fans delivered by TagMix convert to ticket sales, festivals can anticipate an average revenue bump of £290,000 each, per year. In these challenging economic times, TagMix offers a compelling strategy for festival organisers to fortify their online relationships with fans. It also presents an avenue for festivals to shift towards a more robust, year-round, data-driven business model and for brand partners to engage audiences much more effectively and measurably.”

TagMix said it will expand in 2024, covering up to 40 festivals across the UK and Europe.