BeKnown Music co-founder Dan Andrew gives his thoughts on social media.

Discovering new digital mediums can be a great way to boost your artist’s profile, and tap into new social tribes, but let’s not overlook the traditional paths.

There are various outlets online that represent a loyal and passionate user base. Grime Daily is such a channel dedicated to the genre, and providing regular updates and video content. 

YouTube communities are another rich source. SDTV and the Mahogany Sessions are channels that fit in well with our artists. But, let’s not forget offline. Sofar Sounds provides music fans with access to gigs in intimate spaces around the world. It aims to bring the magic back to live music.

More familiar avenues for getting noticed as an artist have also been given a twist in the digital age. Street performances, captured on mobile phones, have gotten traction around the world, leading to lucrative record contracts.

Spotify playlists are another great way to get onto peoples’ radars and direct to consumer platforms offer a way to stack official chart points but there are other revenue models taking off. When booking gig tickets, it’s now common to be offered a package with a physical music product and a t-shirt. 

Educate yourself, but always be true to your artist.