Specialist hire and events company, SLX, has invested into SGM Lights G-7 range.

SLX was separated from former sister company Stage Electrics after being sold in November 2019. Following the separation, the chief executive and new owner, Alastair Currie, promised investment.

The company has made numerous new stock announcements, including a £250,000 spend on SGM fixtures.

The investment places SLX as the biggest stockist in the South West of the SGM IP rated LED fixtures.

Chief executive and owner of SLX, Alastair Currie, said: “The new roster of SGM fixtures now on the shelves of our warehouse or already out on hire include the P-6 Flood, Q-7 Strobe, G-7 Spot and even the brand new much anticipated G7 BeaSt. That’s a spotlight we’re sure will very rarely be sat on our warehouse shelves, as lighting designers and production managers around the country seem very keen to utilise it!

“We’re delighted to become the biggest stockist in the region of SGM fixtures. The SGM fixtures we already had, including the P-6 Flood, always performed well for us commercially so we’re confident the new ones will too. They’re a highly respected brand, innovative and leading the way in LED light technology. We want our clients to have access to the absolute best and we’re confident with our range of lights, including a strong selection from other manufacturers, we can compete with major players in the hire and events sector.”

SGM UK managing director, Ian Kirby, added: “SLX is a business that is really going places, so we’re delighted to see them choosing SGM as a partner. They have invested in both G-7 and G-7 BeaSt products. The G-7 is our most robust go anywhere, work anywhere spot and the G-7 BeaSt is a dual-source fixture we’re particularly excited about. It’s a beam, with motorised collimation that seamlessly turns the throw into a powerful cone and it also has an integrated strobe blinder. I can’t wait to see it out on events and productions.”