Showsec worked on V Festival’s 20th birthday celebration this past weekend (22-23 August) at the annual festival in Staffordshire.

The crowd management and event security company provided their services at Weston Park for festivalgoers, working in close collaboration with the Staffordshire police to reduce crime at V Fest.

“It’s been a hugely successful event for us at Weston Park once again this year,” said festival organiser Andy Redhead.

Superintendent Elliott Sharrad-Williams, Staffordshire Police’s lead event commander, added: “Crime has again remained low, with only 70 crimes reported. This has been a real team effort. Event management, security teams and dozens of other partners have worked together to make the weekend such a safe and successful event. We are very pleased with this year’s policing operation.”

Showsec credited its Crime Reduction Strategy to the weekend’s success. 1,400 staff worked on V Festival, and almost 25% of that number had completed all three aspects of the specialist training before the event.

Showsec director and head of security at Weston Park, Mark Logan said: “Crime reduction now forms part of the core duties at festivals and is instrumental in keeping the audience, client and staff members safe.

“By undertaking these modules, each and every staff member is not only helping Showsec to provide a higher level of service; they are also enhancing their ability to reduce crime and make them a more versatile asset to the company.

“Despite the rain, thunder and lightning, everyone managed to stay focused on providing a strong service, with the customer’s enjoyment at the heart of it all.”