Showsec has discussed how it ‘raised the bar’ as part of a crime reduction strategy at We Are FSTVL.

Showsec, which was recently appointed by Silverstone, was hired to help one of the newest additions to the festival scene enhance its reputation.

Based in Upminster, the event – which took place 28-29 May – featured security by Showsec.

“Showsec provided our show with high level security throughout the planning and delivery stages,” said Reece Miller, the co-director of We Are FSTVL.

“Their hard work and organisation is applauded by ourselves, the authorities and all of the responsible agencies from the show.

Organisers put the successful emergence of We Are FSTVL down to a great emphasis being placed on planning, which this time began back in October.

Showsec worked closely with Havering Police on measures which have proved effective at other festivals.

This sharing of information and planning resulted in a strategic approach to the Crime Reduction Operation, which was implemented to combat any such activity.

The outcome was a reduction in the number of reported incidents of crime across the two days.

“Through our close liaison with Havering Police, we were able to provide a quick response to any criminal activity,” said Paul Legge, Showsec’s Area Manager for East London.

“Together, we can deliver a more effective Crime Reduction Operation because we have more than 400 pairs of eyes on site at any one time to add to the Police presence.”

He added: “A good example of this was our undercover crime team in observing what was taking place on the ground, especially in areas such as a tent or the large warehouse where the strobe lighting, lasers and special effects made visibility limited at times.”