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Agency Shout About London has rounded up its top ten most annoying phrases in events – whilst admitting to using some of them.

1. I’ve got three hats on today

Really? Because it looks like you’ve just got a big head! This is a phrase you can commonly translate as: “Two of those hats will try and sell you something”.

The smaller ‘buying hat’ is barely a fez.


2. I’m so tired. I only got two hours sleep. I worked 18 hours last night

You read the job specification right?

3. The most unique venue in London

Queue the generic write up: “Making it the perfect place for conferences and exhibitions” etc, etc.

4. I went to a showcase last night and (after the canapés, entertainment, wine, prosecco) I had to pay for a bloody drink. I’m not taking any business there…

Well, fair point… I mean, what have the Romans ever done for us?

5. Contra deal

Often these are really worthwhile. Certainly when running your own business. I’m not sure people realise how much this word is detested amongst sales people though. You’ve always got to go to the very top with these requests. No-one likes working for free.

6. With combined experience of over 700 years

You can’t count ancestors of ancestors and the ‘Year Six Ball’ surely doesn’t count.


7.It’s so nice to get out of London


8. I’m far too busy

Saying you’re busy is not a problem. Always saying you’re busy, implies you’re so much busier than everyone else….

9. Crudités

What even is a crudités?

10. Making lists that start with the phrase: 10 things…

Think we should come up with a new concept for the next blog. We’re starting to annoy ourselves.