Republic of Ireland prime minister Micheál Martin has outlined the government’s plan to lift Covid-19-related restrictions in the country in the coming months, and a staggered opening up of live events.

From 6 September indoor events and mass gatherings will be able to operate at 60% of the venue’s capacity as long as all attendees have been fully vaccinated or recovered from Covid-19 within the last six months. At indoor live entertainment events the audience must be fully seated.

Outdoor events and mass gatherings will be able to operate at 75% of the venue’s capacity, where all attendees are immune. Where attendees have mixed immunity status, the capacity limit will be 50%.

It said the limits on numbers at indoor and outdoor events and activities will be lifted on 22 October.

In response, the Music and Entertainment Association of Ireland issued a statement in which it said it welcomed the government’s reopening roadmap but called for sector support.

It said, “Our industry will not be fully reopened until we achieve 100% capacity. Our industry will still display the scars of the financial hardship and mental health struggles many of us have endured and now, more than ever, we need our Government to listen to our voices and support us well into 2022.

“We need that support so we can build our businesses, build our and your confidence, but most importantly, so we can build, upon our rich and proud heritage and culture, an industry that is bigger, brighter, bolder than ever before.”

Promoter Buzz O’Neill Maxwell told RTÉ News, “Our business is built on running safe events, both in nightclubs and live concert events. It doesn’t work financially for anybody at less than 80%.”