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Collection society PRS For Music has called on its members and “all other stakeholders” to provide feedback on online concert licensing.

The step follows the organisation’s U-turn following its introduction of a controversial licence fee for songwriters performing their own works during small livestreamed shows, and widespread criticism over its announcement that livestream events should be subject to a tariff of between 8% and 17% of gross revenues, compared to 4.2% charged at normal in-person live shows.

PRS said it is seeing a huge variety of online events, from major live concerts reaching large audiences around the world to small intimate performances streamed from studios and bedrooms, and all agree that songwriters, composers and publishers need to be paid when their works are used.

It said, “As we move forward in this fast-evolving market, and one which is likely to become an increasingly important revenue stream for members, we want to better understand members’ and key stakeholders’ experience of the online concert market and how it is changing the way music is being used.”

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