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Samantha Fellows, director of the Corporate Entertainment Professionals, on the company’s wide-ranging and bespoke offer for organisers

If there’s one thing every event organiser wants, it’s for their event to stand out from the crowd. With the industry continuing to grow and diversify at an impressive rate, suppliers are being put under pressure to offer something new, different and innovative.

Luckily, event profs like Samantha Fellows, founder of the Corporate Entertainment Professionals (CEP), saw the need in the market for a bespoke, personalised experience and set out to fill that void. Late last month, Access sat down with Fellows to get an insight into the background of the company, and what 2018 might hold for CEP. 

How did CEP get started?

Being a previous performer myself I had a few requests for other artists to perform alongside me. After arranging this for quite a while I then decided to set up a company in 2008, which progressed into props, acts, bands across all types of events and it stemmed from there.

What does the company do?

CEP specialises in bespoke entertainment for all types of events such as festivals, weddings, product launches, Christmas parties, golf clubs, bat/bar mitzvahs, seasonal events, etc.

How has CEP grown over the years?

Exponentially. Starting off with just myself I then grew to a three-man band, and now we have a team of eight ladies working around the clock to prepare and organise events all around the UK and Europe (with some international dates too).

What’s your USP?

Having invested a lot of money in bespoke props we like to pride ourselves on unique, one-of-a-kind acts. For example we are the owners of the world’s only giant LED star with an artist inside.

We also have the world’s largest birdcage and martini glasses with dancers inside. Some of our other unique acts are our giant pop-out birthday cake complete with a singing Marylin, one off design for Maximus LED stilt walking robot, giant animatronic gorilla and two dinosaurs, strolling champagne tables, LED canapé tables, usherette tray girls, free-standing aerial hoop with diamond base, to name a few.

What does the future hold? 

We have a new in-house costume maker who is working alongside lots of our clients and creating lots of new unique and one off costumes, as well as a few very large props in the making…it’s an exciting 2018! We like to keep our props a secret until they are finalised.

Why do you like working in events?

I love event organising and providing high quality entertainment, as no one event is ever the same. Especially when clients have a particular vision and I am the one who can pull this together for them. We work with 48 exclusive performers solely contracted to CEP. All of these are hand picked for their talents, professionalism, punctuality and personalities and are all very fun to work with and make all events perfect. Some of the themes we have adhered to over the years that have been most popular are Circus, Burlesque, Carnival, 1920’s, Winter Wonderland, Festival, Masquerade.