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One Industry One Voice, the coalition of events industry campaigns, associations, businesses and freelance forums, is asking the events sector to complete a short feedback survey.

The aim of the survey is to measure its performance and to ask the industry to sense check its focus and will take less than 100 seconds to complete.

Rick Stainton, the movement’s founder, said: “At the most critical time in the history of our sector, its clear we need one voice for a clear definition and representation of our one industry, to leverage the power of unity and ensure our collective messages be heard and acted upon.

“This essential feedback will keep us relevant and in tune with the industry’s wishes in this ever-changing, fast-moving environment. It means we are always listening and learning. We need all sectors to inform us of their views and give further shape to our collective focus, as well as support the #WeCreateExperiences campaign.”

The coalition’s objectives were provided by the industry at its launch in August 2020, and include the coordination of campaigns’ timings, consistency of data and statistics to accurately reflect the industry numbers, alignment on asks/communication to Government and the amplification of key messaging and mutual support for the wider industry.

The full mandate of One Industry One Voice can be read on the website here.

The deadline for completion is 9am, Monday 22 February.

Complete the survey here.