Nordic Wristbands, a supplier of festival wristbands, said it has protected 7,000 ancient trees as part of its partnership with Stand For Trees, set up to minimise its carbon impact.

Nordic Wristbands said the scheme will compensate for the carbon dioxide emissions caused by fabric wristband and smart tag manufacturing.

The scheme aims to protect around 7,000 ancient trees from destruction, as a part of a wider project in the 250,000-hectare nature reserve of Mai Ndombe in the People’s Republic of Congo in Africa.

The project also focuses on securing education, healthcare and ensuring access to clean drinking water for around 30,000 local residents.

Nordic Wristbands CEO Jone Nuutinen said, “Over the years, we have introduced several organic and recycled material options for festival wristbands and consumables in general, which all have found their dedicated groups of users.

“While we promote these as the best way to protect the planet, a significant number of events still rely on the cheaper virgin polyester products, so we decided to find a project where our production-related CO2 emissions could be offset in an effective way. We are proud that with every 1,000 wristbands a festival buys from us, they save two ancient rainforest trees.”