Noisily, an underground electronic music festival and its partner agency E1MA, has launched a fundraiser so it can return in 2021.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Noisily 2020 will not be going ahead and is aiming to return 8-11 July 2021.

Pushing the event to 2021 has come with uncertainty for the future, as it is an independent festival. To combat this, Noisily has launched a fundraiser in an attempt to raise £150,000 so the festival can go ahead.

The festival organisers are asking those who have bought a ticket to the 2020 event, and are able to, to forfeit and donate their ticket via the fundraiser page. Those who don’t have a ticket can also support the festival via donations.

Donation amounts include:

  • £20 – Entry into a Boutique camping raffle
  • £50 – Early Entry on the Thursday – arrive 2 hours early on Thursday to bag the best camping spots
  • £100 – Noisily 2020 t-shirt, “The Year That Never Was” & a £50 bar tab & a ticket to Ozora Event at the Steelyard on the 29th of September
  • £300 – A Warm up slot on one of the main stages of your choice for you or a friend, (only three per stage available (9 total), please state your chosen genre – 1 gone on the Noisily stage already)
  • £500 – Collection from the gate, fast track queue and delivery with your stuff to the campsite.
  • £1000 – A limited-edition high-quality series of printed Noisily artwork year 1 – 9, including Noisily Paisley shirts and other historic Noisily merch
  • £2500 – Your own little secret covered hidey hole for you and your friends in an area of your choosing (depending on your favourite stage) for when you need a break from the dancefloor.
  • £5000 – A buggy with driver for you and 2 friends all weekend
  • £10,000 – The Noisily Megapack – A Buggy with Driver all weekend, a lifetime pair of Tickets to Noisily, all of the historic merch mentioned above and £500 bar tab.