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British startup Multiview Media has launched an interactive streaming platform enabling users to select camera angles.

Multiview said the platform aims to “let the fan be their own director” by allowing viewers to switch between camera angles, viewing close ups of the audience and artists.

It said it will focus not just on live shows, but also VOD (video-on-demand) by making available repackaged archive footage of performances.

Along with the new platform, the startup has announced a partnership with JBTV – a long-running US TV programme dedicated to introducing new artists.

Multiview will power JBTV’s Revolution Television Virtual Music Festival this weekend (12-14 February), featuring performances from The Smashing Pumpkins and Fall Out Boy.

Multiview Media CEO Ray Meadham (pictured) said, “Our focus is on providing the best possible engagement and experience for music fans, during a time when people are streaming and consuming more content than ever before – expecting something new and innovative.”

Peter Bowers, executive producer of JBTV, added, “We are looking forward to working with Multiview Media in what will be a long-term partnership, and ultimately delivering to the fans the most interactive way to enjoy our shows.”