London Marathon Events (LME) has announced that the London Marathon Foundation has reached a funding landmark of £100m, which has been awarded to more than 1,600 projects across the UK since 1981.

The milestone comes just days before the 2023 TCS London Marathon, the 43rd edition of the event, on 23 April.

The charity was created in 1981, just before the first London Marathon, by event co-founders Chris Brasher and John Disley. The foundation, previously known as the London Marathon Charitable Trust, focuses on funding projects that create opportunities for young people, marginalised groups and communities.

Every year, after costs, the surplus made by LME is passed through corporate Gift Aid to the Foundation. Earlier this month, the foundation announced more than £2.4m had been awarded to 81 projects through its new Active Spaces Fund.

The London Marathon Foundation executive director Catherine Anderson said, “Our founders Chris Brasher and John Disley were renowned for their visionary thinking and determination to inspire more people to get active.

“The £100 million funding has reached millions of people in London and across the UK who’ve been able to take part in sports and physical activities through projects we’ve supported. Over the past four decades, we’ve helped people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds – from family afternoons in a playground to dance classes for people with Parkinson’s Disease – lead active and healthy lives.”

LME CEO Nick Bitel said, “Chris and John’s legacy is extraordinary and I don’t think they ever imagined that the event they created back in 1981 would have gone on to inspire so many millions to get active, sowed the seeds for our current portfolio of events and enabled the London Marathon Foundation to make grants totalling £100 million and counting. As always, we will be thinking of our founders on Marathon Day next Sunday.”